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We design tools & learning experiences to give a spin around your way of WORKING.

All of our experiences, workshops, and training programs are designed with a hands-on experiential approach. In other words, learning by doing


Pssst this also applies to our remote/virtual offerings.


We want you and your team to have the necessary tools and experiences that allow you to be in a constant state of CHANGE.


We offer you training in: 


Teamwork & trust

Effective Feedback

Assertive communication

Conflict Resolution

Corporate events

Custom made training programs.



If you wish to train your team in their soft skills, we offer a range of bite sized courses to focus on short term results. 

Outdoor Experiences

If you wish to challenge your team and organization in a different setting, we offer you a range of learning destinations for teams of any size.

Training Programs

If your goal is to holistically transform your organization's work culture for a long term effect, than look no further. 

Get to know a handful of our experiences to give a spin to your way of thinking



The powers of a leader

Learn to manage a leader's powers of persuasion.



The Game of Life

An outdoors experience that will put your team's listening skills to the test.



Effective Feedback

Know the structure and principles for assertive feedback.

Remote Training

Same in-person experience, now delivered online. All of our virtual learning experiences are hosted live to ensure a real time facilitation and interaction with your team.


Mariana Guevara

Chief Retail Officer

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"We had an awesome experience with Pillow! They gave us the tools for an effective feedback as well as the important lesson to be in constant communication with our team."


Rocío Díaz

Learning and development manager

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"The experience with Pillow has been very rewarding. I fully trust them as f facilitators of change for they are highly professional, their innovative mindset, great customer service and, above all, the sense of trust we built. "


Leonardo Forero

Wellness Leader

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"It has always been an enriching experience, as it contributes to both professional and personal growth. We know we can count on each member of Pillow's team."

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Tools to give a spin around your way of thinking and working.



A workshop to give a spin

to your way of working

Are you looking for an opportunity to grow and be in a constant state of CHANGE?

Here we will publish the next open workshop on leadership and team work practices.


Coming soon