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Conferencia virtual


Pillow Mentorship

All of our experiences, workshops, and training programs are designed with a hands-on experiential approach. In other words, learning by doing


Pssst this also applies to our remote/virtual offerings.


Would you like to talk with us to give a spin around your way of THINKING and WORKING?

We have opened up a new platform to connect with our experts consultants so we talk about how can your personal and professional challenges be addressed.



How it works


You can schedule a 60 minute virtual meeting with one of our consultants in just a few steps. First share with us more about your motives for the mentorship through a  simple form, coordinate the date and time of your appointment, and then pay to confirm the mentorship.

What can we talk about?

Any topic that is within our service lines such as Innovation and Creativity, Leadership and Teamwork, and Communication.

To give you some ideas, we can help you with: Effective Pitch, Leading Change, Ideation Process, Purpose Alignment, Effective Feedback, among others..

How much?

Cost per session

 $ 150.000 COP

$ 50 USD

How can I schedule?

The sooner, the better.

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Tools to give a spin around your way of thinking and working